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Popular Products and Applications

Popular Products and Applications

DOM Tubing is a versatile tubing used in many products and applications all over the globe. Some of those applications include plumbing, machinery, hydraulics, and even motorcycle frames!

DOM Tubing can be made from stainless steel. So when it comes to plumbing and you are looking for a pipe that can fight corrosion this is your choice. There are many uses for the tubing in plumbing. From house pipes to industrial they are used quite frequently.

DOM Tubing In Machinery

Due to the seamless look of DOM Tubing, many machine manufacturers choose DOM tubing when building machines. The nature of the tubing makes it ideal for parts. Parts such as diesel injection components, cylinders, bushings, seat assemblies and more use DOM tubing.  In addition, because of the ease of the bending of the tube, it makes it ideal for parts that require certain angles.

When it comes to applications that require tubing with exceptional strength such as hydraulics, you guessed it DOM tubing is the best choice. Because of the excellent surface finish, it makes it great for hydraulic parts that require frequent moving. Also, another great feature is the ability to easily weld the tubing.

Motorcycle Frames Built With DOM Tubing

Another application used for DOM tubing is building motorcycle frames. The tubing is the most cost-effective for building frames. In addition, stress or bends will not affect the tubing. The no-weld helps with a visual look as well as strength. Of course, if you are looking to buy DOM tubing for your next project contact us today.