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Benefits of DOM Tubing

Get a Quote Today!There are many benefits in choosing DOM tubing. Dom tubing is not necessarily a tube, but rather a process used to create the tube. Most of the time it is made from SAE 1020 or 1026 steel. The difference between a ERW (Electric Resistance Welded) and the DOM Tubing is the DOM tube in the final stages the flash weld is removed and then the tube is cold drawn over a mandrel.

By using the mandrel process, it provides the tube with benefit that other processes do not provide. The first and one of the most important benefits is the cost. DOM tubing will provide a very cost-effective solution compared to other tubing choices.

DOM Tubing Benefit Strength and Uniformity

By using a cold-drawing method it gives the DOM tubing a high yield and a very strong tensile strength. Also, DOM tubing provides a uniform wall thickness throughout. Because of this uniformity, DOM tubing offers really close tolerances for the outside diameter, inside diameter and the wall thickness. In addition to uniformity, these tubes have a great surface quality to them. They are free of oxide and scale with a smooth dense finish.

DOM Tubing is cost-effective, dependable, and possesses a smooth surface finish that makes it perfect for a variety of industries. From roll cages and race car frames to hydraulic cylinders and farm equipment, DOM tubing is the best option.

Because of its high weight-to-strength ratio, you will most frequently see DOM tubing used in the making of auto parts such as axles, shift levers, steering columns, airbag inflators, engine mounts, power seat mechanisms, fuel rails, and injection components. DOM tubing is also used to create stationary vehicle parts like seat frames and headrests.

There have been a large variety of uses for DOM tubing such as:

Drawn Over Mandrel tubing is usually preferred over ERW or Seamless Mechanical tubing. With the DOM tubing it can be manufactured to any size, making it one of the most flexible and useful type of tube on the market today. DOM Steel Tubing provides many advantages with its availability, variations, and optimal strength.

As you can see, DOM tubing can benefit you on your next project. Place you order today for tubing or fittings, click here for a quote on your next order!