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Industry Use For DOM Tubing

What is DOM tubing and who can use it in their industry and applications?

Drawn over mandrel tubing is what is referred to simply as DOM tubing. DOM tubing has many different applications and is used in a wide variety of applications. It is made from cold-drawn electrical resistance welded tube and is drawn through a die. This far different than any other type of pipe or tubing. Because of the way it is created it can be made to extreme specifications that you would never find in any other type of tubing. It boasts extreme accuracy and an excellent finish.

DOM Tubing Dependable

DOM tubing is dependable and cost-effective. Even though it is created using additional processes that you won't get with another tubing. Because of its strength and finish, you will find DOM tubing is used where high pressure and strength are of top concern. DOM tubing is an excellent choice in many things we see every day.

If you're into automotive racing and other automotive applications, you're sure to see DOM tubing in use. Take a look at that roll cage or that car that just passed you on the street. If there is a danger of a rollover, then you can expect that DOM tubing is in use. How about that gear shift the driver is using? Yep, you can be pretty sure that some DOM tubing is in use.

DOM Tubing In Automotive Industry

In the rest of the next car you look at or the one in your driveway you will find more DOM tubing. Vehicle headrests that are removable use DOM tubing. Also in the interior of the car are car seats that are made using DOMtubing. The engine mounts on your car that must take a lot of strength and pressure are other places in your car where DOM tubing will be used.

Motorcycle frames are another use for DOM tubing. They offer great strength and can look pretty good too. Things that everyone wants when they are shopping for their next bike. Also in the Powersports industry, you are going to find DOM tubing in snowmobiles and ATVs.

Any application that requires high-strength tubing is a place you will find DOM tubing in use. This applies to so many different things we see every day and use every day that the list of applications is almost endless.

Specialized Tubing

If you are in need of specialized tubing, then contact us about DOM tubing. We know how to make DOM tubing work for your application. We have DOM tubing in stock in a variety of sizes that might just work for you. If we don't have it in stock we can make DOM tubing that works for you. Just give us a call at 313-872-6370 or use our online contact form to let us know what you need.