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DOM Tubing Supplier In Metro Detroit

Get a Quote Today!In the Metro Detroit Area, the number one DOM tubing supplier is DOM Tubing Suppliers. We are the leaders in providing quality DOM tubing through out Michigan and especially the Detroit area. Located at 6530 Beaubien St. Detroit, Michigan, we have providing quality tubing for decades.

DOM Tubing Versatile and Many Applications

DOM tubing is a very versatile type of tubing. One of those many uses is the use of DOM tubing in stock cars and motorcycle frames. When it comes to the automotive industry, using DOM tubing in areas that have a high stress factor is better than a welded tube. Stainless DOM tubing is strong and reliable.

The welded tube when it has stress place don it such as a G force from racing, could deform where the weld is applied. By using the seamless DOM tubing, you know that there will be no warping at the weld location because there is no weld. Along with frames, DOM tubing is used in cylinders, pistons, torque wrenches, handles and many other applications.

The seamless DOM tubing truly is one the industry standards when it comes to a strong, safe and reliable tube. As the Metro Detroit's top supplier you can expect your order to be on time and accurate. We pride ourself in customer service and always provide the best product possible. Contact us today to place your order for DOM tubing.