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Drawn Over Mandrel Process

Drawn Over Mandrel Process

Drawn over mandrel is a process that is applied to tubing after it is initially built. This process makes the tube have a more exact dimension for the inside and outside diameters. The DOM process also creates a smoother finish for the tube.

Drawn over mandrel can be used with a wide array of metals as such as chromoly, mild steel,SAE 1020, 1026 steel, and other alloys. One popular misconception about DOM tubing is that it is seamless. That is not the case, DOM tubing smooths the weld to the point where it is almost invisible.

DOM Tubing Steps

The whole DOM process takes cold-formed rough steel tube and then it smooths out the internal surface of the tubes seam. This is done by heating the tube, this softens the tube so it can be pulled over the steel shaft. The mandrel on the inside of the tube is thicker than the inner diameter of the actual tube. Then the mandrel is moved up and down the length of the tube. On the outer surface the tube is drawn through dies that will size and shape the outer diameter.

By using the drawn over mandrel process the finished tube is much more accurate to the clients specifications. Other benefits of DOM tubing are increased hardness, tough weld, and tensile strength.

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