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DOM Tubing and Tube Suppliers

DOM Tubing and Tube Suppliers

We have a huge selection of DOM tubing to fill any order. DOM tubing is actually more of a process than an actual tube. But we do provide a wide array of DOM tubes. In additon to DOM Tubing we also carry quite a few of other types of tubing as well.

Because of the durability of stainless DOM tubes, it is used in products susceptible to high impact situations. This includes acing roll bars for cars under 3500 pounds, all street roll bars, r motorcycle, automotive, and industrial applications. In constructing these types of cages it is very important that nothing is going to slip out of place or worse, break. In addition, the use of DOM tubing allows the secure durability needed to keep riders safe.

Tubing Supplier

When it comes to tube or pipe suppliers, we are the supplier everyone comes to. We carry hydraulic pipe, carbon steel pipe, copper pipe, brass pipe, ERW pipe, galvanized, and many more types of pipe. Also, we even carry square tubes as well.

Our hydraulic tubing is used in some of the most complex hydraulic systems all over the world. In addition to the tubing, we can size it to whatever size is needed as well as threading and nipples for the pipe. Our pipe nipplescan be created on any number of materials such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon and other materials.

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